is an interpretation of revealed nature and has an exotic personality which is environmentally responsible – new from Tables and MoreTM.

Felled Ipê trunks are collected in the forest and fields – some are quite old – then crafted with saws and chisels by artisans in Pará state, Brazil. The shape and design of the furniture is determined by the reclaimed trunks and improvised from raw nature. All pieces are fitted together with mortises and wedges then polished. No hardware or steel is used assembling this massive furniture.

Some unique points:

  • Ipê is a tree that flowers in several colors and this determines wood tone. Natural wood color ranges from light brown to dark nut and deep red to purple.
  • This wood resists the elements for decades and does not burn. Ipê has very high density and a fire code rating of cement.
  • The Ipê collection is for indoor or outdoor use and will weather in the elements like teak.
  • A natural finish of carnauba wax and tung oil is used to bring out luster. More oil and wax can be applied at any time.
  • The Ipê collection can be customized and built to order.

We introduce Macario Perez of Brazil. His personality is as big as the furniture he makes on the ranch. He makes everything from scavenged logs which fit our moto perfectly: Hand made. Unique. Custom.

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